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Dorchester Website Design

I specialise in affordable website design solutions for businesses, organisations and individuals. Based near Dorchester I offer a range of web design services suitable for those with or without an existing web presence.

If you don’t currently have a website I can provide you with a domain name, hosting package and a new website design and build that will get you up and running in no time. As all designs are modular I can add new features when you need them, so your site keeps up with what your needs.

Some of the features I can add are:- e-commerce, live chat, social media integration, SEO, mailing lists, video, and many more. All sites are responsive, which means they work on mobile, tablets and larger screens.

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dorchester website design

I can design and build a website that meets your aesthetic, functional and budget requirements AND impresses your visitors. We can start from scratch or update and redesign your existing website.

I will listen to you about what you want from your website, be that more sales, provide visitors information, advertise your business or service, or something else. If you know your way around the Internet or are unsure of where to start, I will give you common sense advice and ensure that the final design is just what you wanted.

Working with some of the internet’s most popular applications that provide all the modern functions found on today’s Internet. These include online shops, blogs, forums, polls, social network interaction, galleries and portfolios and many more. In fact if you have seen something on a website you like, chances are we can build the same feature into your website.

Once you are up and running you are able update the website yourself, or I can to do this for you on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Copy-writing. Got the information, but not sure how to present it. Let me help by editing your text into a form suitable to the web.

All our designs are optimized for search engines meaning you get a higher ranking with Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. However we also don’t lose sight of what makes a user stay with your site after they have found it.

Personal service, not sales-speak.

dorchester website hosting

I offer a website hosting package for all the websites we develop, but there is no tie-in meaning you can take your site and host it with another provider.

The advantages of hosting your new website with us is that you can be confident that your site and the host will work together.

If you already have a website and are looking for a reliable and fully featured hosting provider then please get in contact.

Personal service. Not sales speak

dorchester website management

Depending on the size, complexity and importance of your website, you will need to spend some time maintaining it.

On simple website this may mean checking to make sure the details are still current, but on a complex website there can be several tasks that need attention.

These fall into two categories, Content and Security.

Content. Adding new content Editing or deleting existing content Adding new elements, eg a Sale feature, news-feed, gallery

Security. Updating of applications for security and performance Backup of data (e.g. articles, comments, products specifications etc.) Backup of design (layout, graphic elements, menus) Restore of website after a failure.

I can undertake some or all of these tasks for you. We will do this on a regular or as needed basis.

Personal service. Not sales speak

dorchester website design SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of modifying your site’s code, content and links to target the keywords, or search terms, that users enter into a search field on any major search engine.

If done properly, SEO can ensure that your site appears higher up on the search results pages than it would without SEO. Put simply SEO helps your visitors find your website or business on sites like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Search engines use algorithms to determine what results they will provide for each search query used. They will then rank sites based on the outcome of the algorithms. These algorithms constantly change as they are refined and as the use of the web changes, for example more weight is now given to social media presence than in the past.

How Can I Help

The websites I build have technologies built in that aid with ensuring a site is optimised. However it is important to realise than the quality, quantity and uniqueness of the content of a site are very important. I can work with you to ensure the content on your website is written and formatted to best match your keywords.

Personal service. Not sale speak

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions about website design and development commonly asked by my clients.

If your question is not here and I am on-line, use the Chat box and I will do my best to answer.

Or drop me a note via the Contact page.

Always Happy to Help.


What kind of clients do you work with?

In the past I have worked with individuals, small and medium sized businesses, charities and local governments. Mostly these based local to Dorset but I also have clients as far afield as Newcastle and Dublin.

What is your turn around time?

If needed I can produce a website in a matter of days, but more usually it will take a couple of weeks or more. More complex sites will obviously take longer to produce than simple ones.

Can you write my content for me

Simple answer is Yes. Providing you can talk through your content in detail or provide other sources of material we can  produce good quality written content for your website.

Can you provide images for my site

Yes. There are a number of stock image libraries that we can use. These are usually inexpensive and high quality. Do not be tempted to use images found on Google without first getting written permission as this is a breach of copyright and may result in legal action taken against you as the website owner.

Can I sell things on my Website?

Yes. There are several options to do this, from simple solutions for selling a few items to a full e-commerce shop. I will help you decide which is best for your website.

Can I link to Facebook?

Yes, on several levels. You can enable visitors to like your pages, posts or products. Display you Facebook Newsfeed and people that have “Liked” it. You can also publish posts on your Blog straight to Facebook.

How secure would my site be?

Hackers will target websites for all kinds of reasons, stealing user details or installing malware are just two of the more common. All my sites have a high level of security added by default this can be enhanced using additional paid services.

Can I have email accounts to match my website?

Yes you can have as many email accounts as you need. One thing to bare in mind is that email stored takes up space used for your website – which is limited, so you might want to upgrade to get 2GB of dedicated email storage.

About Maumbury Design

Maumbury Design is a small web design company based near Dorchester.  I have many years experience working with Information Technology in small and large businesses. My aim is to offer great looking, quality websites at affordable prices.

I work from a home office, so my costs are low as are our prices. It also means you deal direct with the person you need to, no salesman or account manager in the way.

I understand that a small businesses have to be quick on their feet and flexible in they way they work, its how I do things here. This means I don’t keep normal office hours, so you can contact me when you need to.

How I Work with a Website Design Client

  Initial Contact – Discuss client requirements.

  Refine Requirements and Initial Design Ideas.

  Preview Sites

  Final Design Build


  Go Live

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