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Start selling online with a ecommerce website built in Dorset.

Ecommerce up and running

You want to start selling online but don’t know where to begin, can help get you up and running and selling quickly. Offering affordable solutions for any type of business. From simply helping you get your shop up and running to more complete solutions. 

These examine each phase of the sales funnel, from initial purchases, through the order process, delivery, and finally, feedback from a customer. Integration into many other business systems is available. This includes, accounting, shipping and CRM.

maumbury design dorset ecommerce sites
maumbury design ecommerce website design
Open or Closed?

The choice of ecommerce solutions is huge. Not all solutions are equal.

Some are open meaning you have control and ownership of everything e.g. Woocommerce. Some are closed whereby you use somebody else’s platform e.g. Shopify.

We can help you find the right one for you.

maumbury design ecommerce
Design & development

Getting a design that works for your customers is vital.

They want to find what they want and pay with minimum fuss.

You need to showcase products, highlight offers and promotions.

Its got to look good on mobiles and tablets.

maumbury design ecommerce websites

You shop does not need to work in isolation.

It can integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Ebay and others.

All this can link with your accounts software and many other apps.

Ecommerce Websites Built in Dorset

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Why Choose Maumbury Design?

Why choose maumbury design?

We succeed together

When we work on a website together, I look at more than the design and content. I like to understand what the website needs to do to support your business.

Better solutions

Technology moves quickly, and the website and digital market are no exception. Who remembers Yahoo? In complex systems there are often many correct answers to the same question. Finding the right solution for you means understanding your business need and the technology.

Measurable Results

Analytics allows us to track to your digital presence so you know what’s working and what’s not.