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A little bit about Maumbury Design

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So what is Maumbury Design about?

It’s about providing clients like you with a website that improves their business.

It’s about taking away the pain of having to manage the technology and having business solutions.

It’s about understanding your business and how to best represent it online.

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Where Is My Team?

I am a freelancer not an agency.


I collaborate with a number of other freelancers and service providers when I need their expertise. So on some projects I do 100% of the work on others I work as part of a virtual team.

Why Choose Maumbury Design?

Why choose maumbury design?

We succeed together

When we work on a website together, I look at more than the design and content. I like to understand what the website needs to do to support your business.

Better solutions

Technology moves quickly, and the website and digital market are no exception. Who remembers Yahoo? In complex systems there are often many correct answers to the same question. Finding the right solution for you means understanding your business need and the technology.

Measurable Results

Analytics allows us to track to your digital presence so you know what’s working and what’s not.