Website management & support

Taking the pain out of running your website

Keep your website running smoothly and have a plan for when its not.

You have a website or e-commerce site but you do not have time to keep it secure, up to date and refreshed with new content. Maybe the technical hiccups leave you a little baffled or the latest update has ruined all your hard work.

Don’t worry, with one of our website management plans you can leave it to us. From hosting to security, updates, maintenance, backups, and more, you’ll never have to worry about your website.

A Dorset website business with over 10 years expeirence keeping webistes up and running efficiently.

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Choose a website management plan

All plans can be customised to your requirements

Startup Plan

The Startup plan includes website hosting and the base necessities for rkeeping your website running and secure. The Startup Plan is for hobbyists who need a website that "just works" and don't plan on adding regualar updates and improvements.
  • Managed cloud hosting - small
  • Local security and brute force protection
  • Daily backups to off-site storage
  • Weekly software updates
  • Email support
  • Google analytics setup
  • Google search console setup

£49 per month

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan offers many upgrades over the Starup Plan and includes 1.5 hours of time for doing small changes on your site, enhanced security monitoring and multile backups. The Plus Plan is aimed at small to medium businesses that need to be sure their website is performing at its best at all times.
  • Managed cloud hosting - medium
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Daily malware scans
  • Website firewall
  • Local security and brute force protection
  • Daily backups to off-site storage
  • 2x Weekly software updates
  • Phone and Email support
  • Google analytics setup
  • Google search console monitoring
  • 3 x 30 minute tasks*

£79 per month

*30-Minute Tasks are content edits, updates, or changes that can be completed in 30 mins or less. Does not include new functionality or additional pages. Maximum 1 30 minute task per day.

Complete Plan

The Complete Plan is a fully managed service that gives your website top priority. You get our best security, backups, performance, monitoring and priority support. You also get the option to add a backup server with automatic fall-back with our fail-over service option (extra charge applies). The Complete Plan is best for E-Commerce sites and other mission critical systems.
  • Managed cloud hosting - large
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Daily malware scans
  • Website firewall
  • 24/7 Security monitoring
  • Hack fix guarantee
  • Local security and brute force protection
  • Multi daily backups to off-site storage
  • Free backup restoration
  • Daily software updates
  • Phone and Email support
  • Google analytics setup
  • Custom Google analytics dashboard
  • Google search console management
  • 10 x 30 minute tasks*
  • Optional server fail-over

£149 per month

Website Maintenance Plans Include

maumbury design cloud hosting
Cloud Hosting

If you are looking for the best balance of performance and price, then a cloud based virtual server is the way to go. We have paired this with a top tier management service that means you can get the same performance as premium hosting providers at a fraction of the cost.

maumbury design website security

Almost all websites are constantly being probed for weaknesses by bad actors. The hosting we provide can be protected by up to 4 layers of security. In addition can provide an update service keeps your website up to date with any patches required.

maumbury design website backups
Backup and Restore

If the worst happens you need to know your website will be up and running again quickly. We take multi level backups a daily basis, this can be increased to hourly if required. In addition you can upgrade to have a backup server ready and waiting to take over if your primary one fails.

Dorset Based Website Mangement & Support

Wordpress support and management specialist. Wordpress is the most used website builder today, however it can be a challenge to keep it updated and running smoothly. Let me take the pain of day to day technical management of your website to let you concentrate on the content and sales your business needs.

Not Wordpress? I can also help manage many other website applications including, Shopify, Squarespace and HTML based websites.

Is your website broken or hacked? I can provide a review of site and hosting and give you reccomendations to get it fixed.

Why Choose Maumbury Design?

Why choose maumbury design?

We succeed together

When we work on a website together, I look at more than the design and content. I like to understand what the website needs to do to support your business.

Better solutions

Technology moves quickly, and the website and digital market are no exception. Who remembers Yahoo? In complex systems there are often many correct answers to the same question. Finding the right solution for you means understanding your business need and the technology.

Measurable Results

Analytics allows us to track to your digital presence so you know what’s working and what’s not.